Our clients

Working with our clients isn’t just about annual tax returns, it’s more about working with them on their strategy, their business plan and helping them to grow their business.

Our clients are diverse and are typically owner-managed businesses which include construction, property, retail, investment, SME’s, high net worth individuals and the next generation of business leaders.

Here's some of their stories...

Providing an empowering service

MediTrain Otago

Moving in the right direction

Mobile Orange
Moving & Storage

An early riser

The Bakery, Alexandra

Business growth planted early

Habitat Restorations Aotearoa

A team on fire

Fire Design Solutions

Ups and downs

Smart Lift & STMSNZ

Pie in the sky

The Old Fashioned Pie Co.

A special kind of alchemy

The Perc cafés

A growing business

Sportsmed Mosgiel Physiotherapy

A wild ride

Wild Dunedin Festival

65 Years of conversation

Selwyn Grave Hairdresser


Julie Walker MediTrain Otago

“Howard speaks my language. And by that I don’t mean using fancy accounting terms! He gives it to me straight.

I’m pretty independent but being able to talk things over with him and discuss how the business is tracking on a regular basis is extremely helpful."

Neville Burgess Mobile Orange Moving & Storage

"They're warm and approachable, don’t sugar-coat things and they’re straight talkers - I like that.

They’ve given me confidence to expand, try new things, and keep going in the right direction.”

Sandra Alexander The Bakery, Alexandra

“If it wasn’t for them, I’d be drowning in paperwork...I reckon they’ve saved me thousands over the years.

Having PKF accountants working closely with me has given me back my peace of mind."

Glen Riley Habitat Restorations Aotearoa

"I may not be their typical client, but they're interested in what I do, and actively want to help me grow my business.

Without PKF's help I would have ended up under an avalanche of paperwork. They've really helped me come to grips with using Xero, managing cashflow and digital time sheets."

Ninette Smit Pacific International Insurance, NSW Australia

"Thank you very much for your quick and extremely helpful assistance. We really appreciate being able to count on your guidance and support, all given on short notice. You have been a real life-saver!”

Nimish Deo Fire Design Solutions

"The support we received from PKF was brilliant. It's helped us think about how to do business smarter and how to refine and streamline our systems and processes.

After adopting Xero, tasks such as invoicing, that previously took an  entire day - can now be completed in an hour.”

Hazel Brightwell-Guy Smart Lift & STMSNZ

"We made the decision to surround ourselves with professionals and PKF were chosen to provide a more comprehensive accountancy service. Peter is one of the few people I’ve dealt with who, after you arrive and sit down, he will ask “And how are you?” The fact that you can be a bit vulnerable and talk about more than how great business is. It makes a big difference.”

Steven Turner Who Ate All The Pies?

"For 10 years Jono’s expertise has been called upon to help the business - be it a robust business plan to allow further growth or assist in securing a couple of refinances and an upgrade in operations.  "Jono’s showed me where I was missing some tricks. And having the flexibility to dial down PKF’s responsibilities without losing the continuity of service entirely, really helped.”

Sarah Hussey Perc Cafés

"We needed proactive tax advice and sound guidance to help grow the business. Now we have the ongoing support and advice of an innovative accountant behind us - we've never looked back."

Adam Letts Sportsmed Mosgiel

"With GST, income tax, invoicing and a buy out to set up and sort out, PKF has always been available to find a solution to a problem. A good accountant is critical to the successful running of a business - and their input has been invaluable in giving me new ideas to grow the business."

Jeannie Hayden Wild Dunedin

"PKF provide pro bono accounting services as their way of supporting the annual festival. Their specialist accounting knowledge means we don’t have to dip into our budget. We also benefit from the firm’s collective experience for guidance, decision making, reporting and tax compliance."

Selwyn Grave Hairdresser & Mens Gifts

"Some time ago Peter convinced me to adopt new technology, and he was right - we couldn’t do without it now. One day when I’m ready to sell the business, PKF will have everything in order.

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