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PKF Bredin McCormack Rewcastle

PKF Bredin McCormack Rewcastle

Our office is currently closed in order to complete renovations over the holidays. We reopen on Monday 22 January 2018, with our premises and emails being inaccessible until this time.


If your query is urgent please contact Jono Bredin (021 850 148), Peter McCormack (021 242 4995) or Ken Rewcastle (021 242 4992) who will ensure any urgent queries are dealt with.

Otherwise, we look forward to speaking to you on our return


Build a better future for your business by trusting our past experience. For 90 years we’ve been helping businesses of all kinds thrive. We pride ourselves on our future and innovative thinking.

Chartered Accountants + Business Advisors

We’re here to make a real difference to our diverse clientele, which includes typical New Zealand owner managed businesses, Mum’s and Dad’s, the next generation of business leaders and high net worth individuals.

Different to your average accountant

Delivering high-quality, efficient compliance service is just part of what we do. Helping our clients to develop, improve and grow their business is the next natural step. Look into our Business Development solutions – practical, cost-effective and tangible services that create long term value for our clients.

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